Lawyer says Onondaga Lake cleanup poisoning Camillus residents, who plan to sue EPA

Lawyer says Onondaga Lake cleanup poisoning Camillus residents, who plan to sue EPA.

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Camillus Clean Air Coalition

Our mission is to ensure the protection of the residents of Camillus from toxic gaseous emissions released during Honeywell’s remediation of the Onondaga Lake Superfund Site.

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Dredging is being done to remove toxic material from Onondaga lake to Wastebed 13 in Camillus. The process is creating toxic gaseous emissions in the surrounding Camillus neighborhoods. This process is going to continue for years and these toxic emissions need to be stopped!

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Wastebed 13

Wastebed 13 in Camillus is where the toxic material ends up. The dredging process and wastebed storage methods are producing toxic gaseous emissions that are making their way to surrounding neighborhoods.

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Wastebed 13

Toxic air emissions must be stopped!

Current air quality measuring is inadequate. A safer and more reliable method (TO-16) needs to be implemented as soon as possible to improve safety and to accurately measure effects the SCA is having on our air!

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Please report any odor or health effect you experience

Importance of calling hotline AND using to report health odors and/or health effects

It is VERY important to report an odor or  health effect right away. Call the hotline (313-8068) to report odors. The hotline is open 24/7 and all calls will be logged.

Also, please log the odor at:

You can also call the DEC (426-7403) if needed.

If you are experiencing health effects you believe may be caused by the toxic air emissions from the SCA at Wastebed 13 such as bleeding from the nose, upper respiratory issues, allergic reactions, etc.  Please make an appointment with:

Dr. Lax
Upstate Occupational Health

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